To realise the mission of eradication of child labour, we have various interventions focussed on children to fight this issue in different ways. The following are some initiatives of Paraspara Trust.

1. Child labour release & Rehabilitation:

Eradication of child labour system is one of the primary objectives of the organization. To speed up the process, Paraspara Trust had a goal to release and rehabilitate 200 child labourers in the year of 2010. Through Child Rights Action Forum 186 child labourers were released and rehabilitated. 158 children were enrolled back to the mainstream education through rehabilitation center. 34 children were sent back to their families in the villages of Karnataka and neighboring states.

2. Bridge Schools to rehabilitate child labourers & school drop outs:

Bridge school is the concept to bring back child labourers and drop outs to the main stream education. Paraspara trust is running bridge school under National Child Labour Project at Gongondanhalli and a Sarva Siksha Abhiyana program at Mathikere for 100 children with the support of Labour Department and Education Department of Government of Karnataka. Weir Minerals is helping bridge school and NCLP by facilitating volunteers, health camps, trainings for staff, educational trips, celebrating state and national festivals like Independence Day, children's day and summer camps to children and supporting additional staffs of Paraspara Trust. This process is enabling and bringing more than 100 children to the main stream of education every year.

3. Child Rights Clubs towards experiencing child rights at schools:

Child Rights Clubs are promoted in 10 model government schools to experience child rights. Each school has 25 members in child rights clubs and they are conducting meeting every month at schools. They identify issues, problems of infrastructure, basic facilities, monitoring mid day meal, health and hygiene among children and reporting to the school authority. They organize quiz competitions, annual sports programs, helping in organizing state and national festivals, organizing school day programs and participating in the school development and monitoring committee and sharing children's views on quality education and facilities.

" I am studying in 8th std at government primary school, Sheshadripuram, Bangalore. I joined child rights club last year. My family problems forced me to drop out education, but I learned that child labour is a crime. I informed child rights club members at my school. All the members discussed and made representation to Paraspara trust and the organization organized sponsors to my fees and other educational expenses. I thank Akkamahadevi child rights club for supporting my education and prevented me from becoming a child labour" - Sathish.

All the members of child rights club received ID cards to make proper representation to the departments to advocate child rights issues among children.

4. Baalemane: A secured home for Street & rescued girls in     Bangalore city.

"Baalemane" - Girls home was initiated by Paraspara Trust in the year of 2001 to facilitate and ensure survival, protection, developmental rights and participation rights to street and rescued girl children in Bangalore city. A survey/study highlighted that Bangalore city has more than 18,250 children are sleeping in the street of Bangalore city. Out of this number more than 5000 children are girls! Only few organizations were giving the shelter to girl children by understanding the difficulties to maintain protection rights for girl children. Paraspara Trust took a risk to initiate new home for girls and named as Baalemane. It started with 8 children and now Baalemane is facilitating child rights for 65 girls with its own sweet home at Gopalapura, near Hesaragatta, Bangalore with the support of ActionAid and The friends of Baalemane UK. The first girl completed her PUC and joined APTEC computer diploma for the better future. Another 3 girls have scored high marks in SSLC and continuing their PUC education. 61 children are studying in near by government school and high schools. To ensure survival, protection, developmental [education] and participation rights of the Baalemane children, there are several volunteers from Innerwheel clubs, Golman Sachs, infosys, mind tree and other individual volunteers supported Baalemane. Paraspara Trust dreams to make Baalemane as Model Child Rights Center in Bangalore and Karnataka.

5. Transit Home towards rehabilitating runaway & street children:

Paraspara Trust initiated a home for street and runaway children in Bangalore city with support of Sarva Siksha Abhiyan, education department, government of Karnataka in the name of Chinnara thangu Dhama. This program identify children in difficult circumstances, runaway children and working children in the streets, railway stations, bus stands, addicted to smoking, drugs, begging and those trafficked. The program brings these children to the transit home and rehabilitate them by counseling, rehabilitation and facilitating education with nutritious food and shelter for 50 children. The main focus is to bring back the children into the mainstream education.

6. Paraspara Adoption Center:

Paraspara Trust initiated adoption center with the collaboration of women and child welfare department of government of Karnataka. It is a program to protect abandoned children, who are left in the street immediately after born. It is an a effort to facilitate life for refused child and organizing a family for a child for its better future. Adoption center is facilitating child for childless families and survival of the child is the prime objective of the program. In 2010 Paraspara adoption center facilitated five children adoption with all legal formalities.

7. Library for Poor children in slums:

Paraspara Trust initiated a community library to upgrade the learning capacity of the poor slum children and improve the adult literacy of the community people. It was a program to help poor school going children to enhance their learning skills in the slums of Bangalore city. We initiated 2 libraries in 2 slum communities with the support of India Literacy Project. The project is supporting children to continue their education with out drop out from the normal school. Also this program increases the interest in learning with other programs like education trips and enhancing interest among children and their parents in the community. The library offers story books, computer classes for poor children and tuition for poor learning children. The library is also used by women for more learning and participate in the slum development process. Youth use news papers to get information for trainings and job facilities. Thus the library center is used as an information center for children, youth, women and community members in the urban slums.

8. SJPU: Special Juvenile Protection Unit:

Paraspara Trust with the support of Karnataka police and UNICEF initiated people friendly police station in Yeshwanthpur, Bengaluru. It continued with new initiation of SJPU in 18 police station on Bengaluru North and inaugurated on 18th June 2010 at RMC yard police station. Bengaluru police has provided proper training and a place to operate SJPU by supporting Paraspara trust activists. The main objective of the program to protect minor children in the police station and ensure child rights. At present the initiatives identified 96 missing children and 3 abandoned children.

9. Child Rights - need to focus

In 1924, the 1st world war was over, but because of the war lots of people were dead and many children became orphans. To protect these orphan children an international group emerged and discussed with Save The Children organization. This continued for 65 years to become an international child rights convention. In 1989, 175 nations together signed and declared Child rights convention and implement in their respective countries to ensure child rights in its true spirit. India signed the convention in 1992, November 11 and declared its commitment to ensure child rights.

Child rights contains 54 articles beginning from name of the child and it says 0 to 18 all are children. There should not be any discrimination in the name of caste, creed, color, language, religion etc and whatever law or polices any country makes should be in the best interest of every child. It also expresses the responsibility of the parents, government and society towards ensuring child rights.

To understand child rights it has been divided into five rights.

  1. Survival.
  2. Protection.
  3. Development.
  4. Participation.
  5. Publicity of child rights.

For India child rights implementation is very important and essential, because we are 2nd in global population and we have 120 crore people of which 40% are children. We have recorded 11 crore child laborers in our country and for 1000 children between 0-1, 75 children dye and 1-6 age group 54 children dye for 1000 children. The number of children Disabled, affected by HIV s increasing day by day. Looking all these aspects India needs to give serious attention to implement child rights.

10. Child Sponsor:

Paraspara Trust release, rehabilitate and mainstream the child laborers. Also it supports these children's higher studies by identifying the sponsor from individuals and companies to support education materials, fees, etc. Now more than 50 high school and PUC children are supported by Paraspara trust every year. Paraspara Trust also supports children to get scholarships from the government to continue their education.